Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, it appears that I have almost completely abandoned this for facebook, but I noticed that a few people were finding this site looking for the wedding website (www.chaitonmurraywedding.com). So I thought I'd better put the link up.

If you didn't by any chance notice the little tiny slip of paper that had the link to the website and the directions to RSVP there, it probably got lost in the envelope. You wouldn't be the only one who didn't notice it.

I think we're close to 90 people RSVP'ing already, it's going to be a full wedding! (and fun!)

Monday, February 12, 2007


Christy's got herself locked up at the Kimberly-Clark headquarters to protest their clearcutting of the BC rainforest. See the photo here. If you want to help her out, you can write K-C here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

When your mother blogs, you know you're in trouble

You may have seen links to my sisters’ blogs that have drifted off the page, but I figured that it was time to actually update my very sadly neglected links section when my mom started a blog. Not often updated mind you, but it has some lovely pictures. Now you can keep track of the whole Chaiton family.

Also newly online is my friend from King’s, Francis Wooby, now living in Iqualit taking care of the cutest little kid you’ve ever seen. Check of this description of a party that would never happen in the south.

Charlie’s move to myspace is very sad, abandoning blogger in order to shut me out of leaving comments. That’s the only reason I can imagine for leaving blogger. He’s almost as amusing on myspace, so I’ll link him. Congrats though on the massive scholarship for your outstanding academic achievement! That's seriously big money.

Anyway, that move to myspace also means I should add Troy finally to my list too. I should finally add the McWiskings as well, given that they are the best bloggers of the bunch. I promise I’ll add Chris too…if he posts again!

Also, Charlie—just to let you know that while blogger may be soooo 2005. Myspace is so 2006. The new hotness is Facebook. Why just today, I became friends with a certain Sabrina L., but none of the rest of you have made your way to the future of internet stalking.
Also, in case any of you want to know what I’ve actually been doing with my life, I’ve added links to my picasa web space which has most of my pictures because I’m too lazy to add them to flickr and a search to my publications (updating as we speak).

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Since I've been gone

I've got a couple of stored up mental posts I've been meaning to get to and not sure which to start with. So because after going through the archives of this blog it appears that it's about 50% music obsessed, the correct way to come back is with a music post. Although this past year, I haven't been the most in touch with what's happening, I still have a couple of favourites. So with little ado, my top 4 songs of 2006 (now with YouTube!).

4. National-Daughters of the Soho Riots.
Although not technically from 2006, one of the ones that stuck with me all year from a fantastic album. I think I actually bought the CD of this album to give to Matt as a christmas present last year but ended up keeping it for myself. (Sorry Matt)

3.Voxtrot-Mothers, Sisters, Daugters, and Wives.
Not the best video, but this is my other favourite album that is legitimately from last year.

2.Neko Case- Hold On
The line in the song that goes "I leave the party at 3am/ alone thank god/ with a valium from the bride/ it's the devil I love" makes me go a little weak. Warning: I have no idea who ashley and spenser are.

1.The Gossip-Standing in the way of control.
This is simply the coolest song of the year.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A moment of silence

Please. Let us take a minute to commemorate the passing of a relationship that, in its too short flicker of existence, has brought so much joy and hope to the world. We speak, of course, of the union of Britney Jean Spears and Kevin Earl Federline. It is tragic that such a love ended in a such way. No one could have predicted that the marriage of this classy and talented couple would be over so soon, before it really had a chance to flourish and live up to the potential we all knew it had.

I understand though why the man behind such brillant works such as "Papazao" and "Lose control" needed the space to explore his creative abilities, without being burdened down by a wife and two kids (plus one other from a previous relationship). I just hope he has a good lawyer to prevent that woman from running away with all his money.

Hilary and I have a $5 bet that K-fed rebounds the way we know he can, ends up dating Carmen Diaz (breaking up another Timberlake relationship), and lives happily ever after.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Party season and mushy pictures

big green door, originally uploaded by mchaiton.

Any one in the general vicinity of toronto coming to the party on the weekend? It looks like it might be fun, although I'm not going to take any credit/blame, as it was really all the work of Erin's friends. Alternatively, who's coming out for the Wilson visit? Anyone need a couch or two? This is looking like it could be an exciting month or so.

Also, it seems the month for heading to France with Matt and Hilary both making their way there. I'm really jealous at the moment. The pictures look gorgeous. I'm waiting to figure out that I've inherited a nice little vineyard from some lost uncle. Plus with Andrew trekking around Peru, it's leaving me with a bit of wanderlust. It makes it worse not having a valid passport for the first time in decades, maybe. I feel so trapped.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

K-Fed: round two

DSC01915-1, originally uploaded by mchaiton.

Halloween this year got off to an early start. I reprised my K-Fed costume from a few years back, but I think either the man himself has been getting more popular or I did a better job because all these people recognized me. Details to note: the blinged out earring, Yankees cap with the straigh brim, tattoos, silver chain, wifebeater, short pants, basketball shoes with no laces, chin strap. I'm deciding whether or not I should bring the look out full time.

I tried to get Erin to do Pregnant Britney, but apparently she was forced to go as a contestant on The Bachelor and dress all classy like. I did run into someone who dressed as pregnant britney. We had a little moment.